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Since the year 2000, PSMG has offered the combined technology of BD-TriPath Imaging's FocalPoint Slide Profiler and SurePath liquid based Pap Testing.

Upon request, PSMG will provide prefilled, liquid based SurePath Pap smear vials and collection devices. SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are available.

Ancillary tests may be added to the SurePath Pap smear without altering collection process. These tests may be requested at the time of specimen submission or added later (date limitations may apply).  Tests include:   Gonorrhoeae/Chlamydia, HPV, and HSV I/II. 
SurePath™ Liquid Based PAP Smear

SurePath™ Liquid Based PAP Smear

specimen container SurePath (™) liquid-based collection media  25 / box
specimen broom Cervex Brush (Broom)
Blue Handle
 25 / bag
specimen comb
Blue Handle
 25 / bag
specimen brush
Snap Off C-E Brush
White Handle
 50 / bag
specimen kit
SurePath Sample Collection Kit
Pap Perfect Clear Plastic Spatula + Cytobrush Plus Detachable Brush
 25 each / bag


Patient Preparation:  The optimal time for collection of the Pap smear is two weeks after the first day of the menstrual period.  The patient should be instructed not to use vaginal medications, spermicides or douches 48 hours prior to the collection of the Pap smear.  The patient should also refrain from intercourse 24 hours prior to collection of the Pap smear.

Preparation of the Cervix:  Lubricant jelly should be avoided as it often obscures cellular material making cytologic evaluation difficult, if not impossible.  The speculum must be positioned so that the outer surface of the cervix appears at the end of the instrument, since a sample from this area is necessary for adequate specimen collection.  So it does not obscure the cells, remove excess blood, mucus, or inflammatory material gently with a dry gauze pad, without forcibly removing any cellular material.


  • Collect the cervical sample with the PSMG provided collection device (spatula, CE brush, Cervex Brush "Broom", Combi-Brush). Insert the device into the endocervical canal. Rotate the device five times clockwise.
  • Drop the detachable head of the device into the BD SurePath collection vial. All device heads must be placed into the larger chamber of the vial.
  • For the detachable devices (blue handle devices – Broom, Combi-Brush, etc.):
    1. Insert the device head into the large chamber in the SurePath vial.
    2. Rotate the handle of the collection device and gently pull up to detach device head from handle
  • For the snap-off devices (CE brush, spatula):
    1. Insert the head of the brush into the large chamber in the SurePath vial so the break point is above the top of the light blue vial insert and the head is below the insert.
    2. Bend the device back and forth until the device breaks.
    3. Both the CE brush and Spatula device heads are broken off into the larger chamber of the vial.


      DO NOT insert or break collection device head(s) in the small chamber in the SurePath vial.

      specimen kit specimen kit specimen kit

  1. Label the specimen container with at least 2 patient identifiers (name and DOB preferred).
  2. Place completed requisition, which includes appropriate clinical data, in the exterior pocket of the plastic bag.
  3. Send with the next available courier to the PSMG Cytology Department.
Please contact us with questions or to request a specimen pick-up. 
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